Stessie, originally from Sweden, is a young producer of happy, energetic and adventurous music in the Electronic Dance Music genre. With a passion for experimenting with different genres, Stessie usually likes to go outside the box with every release. Their career started in September 2018, and it only took off from there. Stessie put together all four 2018 releases into what is now known as Friends EP. This EP was a great kickstarter not only for publicity, but also for finding the sound that really speaks to them.In January 2019, Stessie had their first label release with Moe Collective. This song was made with singer and producer TOFUKU. In May 2019, Stessie teamed up with Singer Bien, and made the song Find Me Here. In June 2019, Stessie released the track Bloom together with DJ and producer Kotori. The main goal for Stessie is to make people happy and loving through their music, which is available on all big platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.